Eco-Bind! Here’s our ecological option to the usual spirals


We produce paper spirals without any plastic or metal elements.


Thanks to our ecobinder process, we’ve developped a new technological way to glue.


Each single spiral can be printed with different layouts; this opens new ways to the promotion and to the marketing thoughts.

Your advertising is always visible on the spirals, no matter which side of the block you’re writing on.



The paper stripes are 100% recyclable on the contrary of plastic or metal spirals.

With these eco-friendly spirals, your customer will have new ways to promote his company logo.

Each single stripe can be printed up to 4 colours. Your advertising message will be constantly visible from the first till the last page of the block.


Available in different sizes:

A4 210x297 mm with 6 rings

A5 148x210 mm with 4 rings

A6 105x148 mm with 3 rings

As well as other mid-sizes.


Everything printable 4/4!

Inside: FSC® or ECF 80 gr.

Cover: FSC® or ECF 250 gr.

Spiral: FSC® or ECF 80 gr.


Other creations, paper of  special colours are on request.