2mm thickness

approx. 110 x 80 mm, 4/0-colours CMYK.

(other options on request)



1x sticky notes with 100 sheets of 100x75 mm, printing up to 5/0-colours.


1x sticky notes with 25 sheets of 50x75 mm, printing up to 5/0-colours.

1 Set of 5 x 20 sheet standard index markers or shaped in our standard colors. si-ri use recycled PET.


Sticky note paper white, 4 pastel colors, translucent or 4 brilliant colors.


PET Index tabs:

Our PET index tabs can be individually shaped in the form and color or even inked as spot colors.

Also, the strip length and strip width can be chosen freely.
Standard colors are: translucent white, orange, pink, yellow, green and blue.


Special sizes are possible to 100mm wide and 75mm high.


Print of 70my PET material:Individually up to 4/0 CMYK or Pantone and HKS.