Haftibook Form

Precious giveaway with hard/bookcover.

No limits to your ideas.
Make you Haftibook refillable with a notestac bottom sheet!
ca. 110x80mm
4/0-colours CMYK printed
matt or brilliant laminated
1 Hafti,100 sheets 100x75mm with USB-punching
1 Hafti, 25 sheets 50x75mm
1 Set Index-Flags 

Hafti printable up to 5/0-colours
Index-Flags standard
(printing on flags possbile)
Other dimensions or number of sheets on request!


 Our shaped markers can have a different colour sequence.
Markers' colours can be chosen between our 5 standard: orange, pink, yellow, green and blue. Widht's markers can be changed; width max is 50 mm and height max is 60 mm.
There's the possibility to print on the markers, leaving 3 mm all around.
Shaped markers are available: bones, syringues, bottles, feathers, telephone, ties.